It Might Be A Little Early But...

Growing up, Christmas music was a constant in the fall and winter in my home. My mom loved Christmas music and would have listened to it year round (we had so much Christmas music we really could have without too much repetition) but my dad convinced her to give us all a break until Labor Day. After that first weekend of September each year my mom happily pulled out the Christmas music and it filled our home for months. I have so many happy memories tied to various holiday songs and even now, some songs take me back to specific moments in my childhood. We didn't decorate for the holidays until after Thanksgiving but listening to Christmas music for so long always helped me look forward to it. My favorite part was, of course, setting up the tree. 

Now, as an adult, decorating the tree is still something I look forward to. We add a new ornament or two to our collection each year from various family outings and I love being reminded of those special times together when I look at our tree throughout the season. At the beginning of the month, just after Labor Day, I came across these beautiful creamy white ornaments and, with my mom's love of Christmas music on my mind, I picked up a bunch to paint.

I have a fun ornament collection in mind and am so excited to work on them! I'll share some sneak peeks as I work on them but watch for a full collection release coming up in mid-November.

Annie Preece