Halloween Feather Eyeball Wreath

Years ago my friend, Sarah, shared a Halloween wreath she had made online and I loved it so much I made one myself. With the exception of Christmas I'm not much for holiday decorating but I loved my eyeball wreath so much I pulled it out every year and hung it wherever we were living. After being (literally at times) kicked around for the last seven years or so I decided it was time to re-make it. Sarah's blog doesn't exist any longer as far as I know so I thought I'd take some pics and share the process if you'd like to make one yourself. I love that it isn't necessarily your typical wreath and the googley eyes are more silly than scary. We live off the beaten path a bit so we don't usually get more than one or two trick-or-treaters but people comment on it throughout the month and it really makes me so happy to see it hanging on my door as the weather turns chilly and pumpkins start appearing on my porch. Even if I were the only one who saw it all month I'd still hang it because it makes me smile.

To make this Halloween Eyeball Wreath you will need:

  • 1 wreath form - I used a straw form but foam form would work, too. I've also used a wire form and it works but it can be a little more tricky to glue the feathers to.
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks - quite a few
  • Black feather boas - the number depends on the size of wreath. I pillaged my old wreath and re-used the boas, adding a couple more to fill the new wreath out since so many feathers had been lost over the years from said storage room kicking.
  • Styrofoam balls in various sizes - I used the smooth ones this time but I used the more textured ones for my first one years ago and they're fine, too. The textured ones looked a bit too clear for my taste so I spray painted them white. These smooth ones where white enough I used them straight out of the package.
  • Googley eyes in various sizes

Using a hot glue gun, squeeze glue onto the wreath form in small sections and press the feather boa into place, being careful not to burn yourself.

Continue all around the wreath on the front, inside, and outside. I didn't worry about the back and just made sure no yellow straw showed through the feathers.

Once the feathers are in place, glue the styrofoam balls in place, scattering them around the wreath in a pleasing pattern. It helps to work in threes, making triangles. Sometimes I did a pair of eyes, other times only one.

I find it also helps to work from largest to smallest. Place the larger ones first and fill in with the smaller ones.


When all the balls are in place, glue a googley eye to each ball. Lift the wreath to hanging position occasionally. Sometimes the feathers make the balls point different directions. This could be fine if that's the look you're going for. If not, decide where they should be and use a bit more glue to position them properly.

Hang it on your door et voila! A festive Halloween eyeball wreath will greet all your visiting ghosts and gouls!

Annie Preece