Breaking Ground and Building Up

After the old farmhouse was demolished, which didn't take much, and the bank and county finally got with the program, we were able to have the excavators come back and dig a hole for the foundation. Then the concrete guys came and poured truck after truck after truck full of concrete into forms and let it cure. Once cured, the poured the basement floor and chalked out the lines for walls and started framing.

The bulk of the framing went really fast! Then it got tedious as they got to areas that needed to to be stick-framed or had random modifications. From there it felt like things took a lot longer but in reality stuff was happening almost every day. It was just boring unglamorous but highly necessary stuff like furnaces and vents and wiring and plumbing. Basically all the ugly but important stuff that you don't see but would be really sad to not have.

Once all the wall innards were done they sheet-rocked, then did mudding and taping. Once that happened it lightened up the whole house and gave us a much better feel for how the house flowed and we were really happy to see it was even better than we planned. It's one thing to imagine it in your brain and quite another to see it in real life.

Once the mudding and taping and texturizing ended we finally got into the fun stuff I'd spent the last few months choosing. The wood floors went in and finishers started installing doors, shiplap veneer, and moulding. Cabinets were delivered and installed over the course of a few weeks and counter tops were measured and fabricated. Tile started happening and fixtures started showing up. Walls were painted. Appliances were installed and light fixtures and hardware and plumbing fixtures polished everything off. Finally the paper came off the floor and one day at the end of March we got the happy news that we passed the final inspection and could move in!! We moved the last week of March and spent most of April settling in. From foundation hole to move in was about 6.5 months! I loved so much about the process and had such a good vision of what I wanted that I didn't get burned out on decision making like I thought I might. I couldn't be happier with the finished house and it's better than I ever imagined. It works for our family the way I'd hoped and our family dynamic has changed for the better because of it. Rather than constantly trying to figure out how to work around our home we have a home that now works for us and it is making all the difference in the world.

Annie Preece