Building the Mini Dew Ranch - The Builder

Dan's brother, Trulan, is a contractor and the owner of Maple Shade Custom Homes. For years we talked about asking him to be our builder. I know everyone says to never work with family and because of that warning I had a few reservations about hiring him but I'd seen his work on several of his parade homes over the years and a few years ago he built their sister's house which is beautiful. I asked her very honestly if she'd work with Trulan again and she assured me she would in a heartbeat and she'd recommend him to anyone. That was good enough for me so we went with him and I have to agree, Trulan and his designer, Diana, have been amazing to work with. They've walked me through every step of the process and I couldn't be happier with how everything has gone.

Trulan knows what he's doing, the sub-contractors he works with respect him and work hard to meet his expectations, and he is very careful to make sure things happen when and how they need to. He does beautiful work and I feel lucky he's willing to work with us. As I got in deeper and deeper with the county he did a lot of footwork to make sure all our loose ends were tied up and we were ready to go as soon as possible.

Diana, the designer Trulan works with, has been a gem. She has worked with Trulan for probably 15-20 years. She knows all the subs and companies he works with and they know her so it's almost like having a second contractor. She knows the order and timeline Trulan likes to work with and has been invaluable to work with as i made all my decisions. As we started meeting I had mostly sorted out the direction I wanted to go and by the time we were halfway through the decision-making process she could almost anticipate what I would choose to keep the style consistent throughout the house. I have to say, I'm in love with everything I've chosen. I'm so excited about it all. I don't think there's a single thing I've chosen that I feel kind of meh about. As we get along and the choices I've made start coming together I find myself squeeing almost daily every time I go over to check on things. It's cohesive and I feel like it fits Dan and me very well. I'm so excited to share it here!

A huge help in figuring out my design style in the first place was Pinterest (surprise, I know). I've had a pinterest account for ages but when I got serious about house-building I opened a new account just for house stuff specific to my family and our needs, wants, and preferences. After I'd pinned a bunch of something, like kitchen cabinets for example, I opened up that specific board and looked at everything I'd pinned to find the common threads and it gave me a good jumping-off point for where I wanted to go with my decisions regarding that one thing. Then I did it again for the next thing. If you're curious as to what I've been pinning you can find it here on the Mini Dew Account.

Annie Preece