Tearing Down To Rebuild the Mini Dew Ranch - Part 1

We knew when we first bought the Mini Dew Ranch that we would tear in down and rebuild someday. It was 130 years old and one of the first homes in the area but it was not a super well-built home. It was originally a two room house made of river rock found nearby and cemented together with some made-up concrete recipe. Sometime in the late 1800s a second floor was added, made of lathe and plaster. A kitchen was added sometime in the early 20th century then remodeled again in the late 40s/early 50s when a bathroom and indoor plumbing were added along with some hand tunneling under the original stone for furnace vents. It was charming and so cute and I'm so happy we lived there for a few years but it was not a long-term solution and trying to save it or renovate it would not be cost effective (more like double tearing down and starting again), so we knew almost from the get-go that we'd rebuild rather than remodel.

In Summer 2014 we started talking to an architect about designing a house for us. We aren't part of an HOA or building project so, taking some regulations into account, we could basically do anything we wanted. A lot of people recommended looking at pre-drawn plans, finding something we liked and making any changes we needed to make it what we wanted. Dan and I have been drawing house plans basically since we got married and would pull it out every few years and change it up based on experience with places we'd lived (9 places in 10 years). After looking at approximately eleventy billion plans and not finding any that wouldn't need some serious reworking I talked to our builder and he told me if we want to change more than 30-40% of the plan we may as well start from scratch.

So we did.

We showed him our rough sketches and talked to him about ideas we had. After the first draft I went over it with our builder and he verbally walked through the house with me, talking about functionality and making me rethink a few things. I requested a few changes from the architect and several drafts later, we had the final plans!

And that was the easy part. Part two will be coming soon.

Annie Preece