Tearing Down to Rebuild the Mini Dew Ranch - Part 3

We got approval to tear down before we got approval to build (yes, they had to be filed separately) so one morning at the end of June we went to the Mini Dew (we moved into a nearby rental in April so we could tear down) and watched a couple of big machines pick it apart, piece by piece.

The excavators were kind of fascinating to watch. The way the machines moved made me think of long-necked dinosaurs. They were also a lot more methodical than I imagined they'd be. There was no wrecking ball. They took out the "new" kitchen addition and porch first, the pulled apart the upstairs walls, and, lastly, took out the rock walls. Any reservations we had about not preserving part of the house were completely swept away when we watched how easily the rock walls crumbled apart.

In the end we were left with a pile of rubble and within a couple of days most of that had been hauled away and we just had a big but shallow hole in a clearing of trees.

Annie Preece