"Near Little DewChurch" mini original painting

"Near Little DewChurch" mini original painting


England is one of my favorite places in the world and the green and gray countryside makes me swoon. These gouache studies are referenced from a recent trip I took with my husband and our daughter. Driving through the countryside, while stressful (left-handed stick shift and driving on the left side of the street!), was breathtaking. It’s well worth getting out of the city to see.

Some of my husband’s ancestors lived for generations in a tiny town near Hereford called Little DewChurch. There’s a small church with a graveyard where several ancestors are buried. It’s the place after which we named our home, the Mini Dew Ranch. Seeing the original in real life makes the connection even more special now.

“Near Little DewChurch” is an original 3x4 inch gouache painting on watercolor paper.

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