"Cleansing Rain" 2x3 inch original oil painting

"Cleansing Rain" 2x3 inch original oil painting


For weeks in the summer we don’t get a drop of rain. The ground become dry and the lush grasses turn brown. Everything seems to gather a layer of dust and becomes sunbaked. When, at last, it rains, it feels cleansing, rinsing away the grim that builds up and refreshing everything. Sometimes I feel that way in life. My day-to-day becomes stagnant and I don’t grow. When a summer storm comes along, usually in the shape of moving to a new house, having a baby, or school starting, it’s a welcome change and moves me into new actions that serve me better. I break out of my sun-baked habits and begin to soften, thinking new thoughts and trying new things that help me grow into a better person than I was before.

“Cleansing Rain” is an original oil painting on oil paper. It is mounted on canvas and framed in a 2x3 inch gray ceramic frame. The frame can hang or rest on a shelf and displays vertically. It is ready to ship. Please select “Small Original Painting Shipping” as your shipping option at checkout.

The Stormy Skies collection was created not only because I find incredible beauty in real storms, but also because these swirling clouds remind me of the beauty found in our personal storms. The tempests of life often come with no invitation. They are hard and sad and seemingly unending, but when we get a little distance and look back, we usually have a new perspective. If we choose to look with fresh eyes, we can see the ways we grew, how we gained deeper compassion for others, and we notice the small miracles and gifts that happened. Seeing these beautiful skyscapes every day reminds me that even in the worst hardships, there is value and beauty to be found. We just have to open our eyes and look for it.

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