"Cracking Open the Sky" a 24x30 inch original oil painting

"Cracking Open the Sky" a 24x30 inch original oil painting


When a storm is rolling in, I love the way different clouds meet together and create shadows one each other, like a crackled ceiling over the earth. The thunder rumbles and soon the sky cracks open, finally releasing all its cool rain. It feels a little ominous and scary but the change is still exciting and refreshing. The storms of life can be scary, too, but even through the uncertainty, the change can be welcomed. It isn’t comfortable but sometimes it’s necessary and after the storm has passed, the greener fields and new growth make it worth the fear and struggle.

“Cracking Open the Sky” is an original oil painting on stretched canvas. It measures 24x30x1.5 inches and displays horizontally. It will be dry and ready for shipping in mid-July. I will ship as soon as it is safe to do so without marring the fresh paint. Please select “Large Original Painting Shipping” as your shipping option at checkout.

The Stormy Skies collection was created not only because I find incredible beauty in real storms, but also because these swirling clouds remind me of the beauty found in our personal storms. The tempests of life often come with no invitation. They are hard and sad and seemingly unending, but when we get a little distance and look back, we usually have a new perspective. If we choose to look with fresh eyes, we can see the ways we grew, how we gained deeper compassion for others, and we notice the small miracles and gifts that happened. Seeing these beautiful skyscapes every day reminds me that even in the worst hardships, there is value and beauty to be found. We just have to open our eyes and look for it.

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