"Let It Downpour" 4x12 inch original oil painting

"Let It Downpour" 4x12 inch original oil painting


When we know a storm or challenge is coming, sometimes we hope to outrun it but in running, it can catch us off guard and sometimes make things more difficult. I think, if we know it’s coming, sometimes it’s might be better to stretch our arms open wide and welcome it in, even knowing it will be painful and hard. It takes a lot of strength and it’s not always possible, but if we let it come and don’t fight so hard, maybe we’ll find power, beauty, and love there, which is harder to see when our heads are bowed and our backs are turned. I don’t think many of us ask for trials but running away or pretending they aren’t happening don’t serve us. Turning and allowing them to wash over us is empowering and shows others, and ourselves, that we are willing to face whatever lies ahead, and it won’t get the better of us.

“Let it Downpour” is an original oil painting on stretched canvas. It measures 4x12x1.5 inches and displays vertically. It is ready to ship. Please select “Medium Original Painting Shipping” as your shipping option at checkout.

The Stormy Skies collection was created not only because I find incredible beauty in real storms, but also because these swirling clouds remind me of the beauty found in our personal storms. The tempests of life often come with no invitation. They are hard and sad and seemingly unending, but when we get a little distance and look back, we usually have a new perspective. If we choose to look with fresh eyes, we can see the ways we grew, how we gained deeper compassion for others, and we notice the small miracles and gifts that happened. Seeing these beautiful skyscapes every day reminds me that even in the worst hardships, there is value and beauty to be found. We just have to open our eyes and look for it.

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